Public Work Department (PWD) is an international, design-oriented architectural practice with an aim to produce high-quality design through personalized approach and professionalism. The end goal of each project is to create a positive experience for communities by designing spaces built around functionality and people’s needs. 

Founded in the UK in 2013, the company has expanded opening two more offices in Xian and Beijing in China. With a highly-skilled team, PWD has worked on projects of all scales, sizes and functions around the world. Throughout the time, we have proven our expertise in areas such as urban design, luxury residential development, hotel architecture and interior design, and renovation.

We are proud of our unique approach to BIM software. PWD is one of a very few companies that uses BIM software throughout the whole design process. Thanks to our advanced skills in BIM, our team is much more efficient, and therefore, we are able to provide much better effects of our work. 

In PWD, we use a professional and personalized approach to put the needs of our client and community first. Through continuous research and development, we devote ourselves to innovating in areas that benefit communities and the clients.


At PWD, we aim at successfully achieving balance between the client's goals and the publics positive experience. 

We believe that a good design is a product of its environment. It is a diverse design created by people who intrinsically understand the end user and constantly look for ways to maximize the efficiency.